Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek McDonald's Happy Meal comic strips

McDonald's Star Trek Meal
Happy Meals Star Trek: The Motion Picture tie-in packaged in six boxes. Five comic strips were printed on six boxes, each strip depicting scenes from the film (one strip was printed on two boxes). The writer is unknown. Comic strip art by Ron Villani. For more information, see The TMP Happy Meal Promotion by James Sawyer.

Box features: Kirk, Klingons
Klingon cruisers are destroyed by an energy burst from a giant cloud.

Box features: Spock, Federation
The crew of Station Epsilon 9 witness the destruction of Klingon ships by a cloud headed for Earth.

Box features: Ilia, Transporter
Station Epsilon 9 is destroyed by a giant cloud.

Box features: Spock, Bridge
Station Epsilon 9 is destroyed by a giant cloud.

Box features: Decker, Spacesuit
Enterprise launched to stop the cloud.

Box features: McCoy, Bridge
Kirk returns to command the Enterprise and two crewmen die in a transporter accident.

Star Trek Video Communicator
One of several toys offered with McDonald's Star Trek Meals. Five brief comic strips are part of an unassembled toy sealed in cellophane. The toy communicators are about 1.5" x 3" with a one inch square screen and made of black or gray plastic. The antenna is 3.5" and the two cranks are a little under 1.5 inches. When assembled with the included instructions, the color comic strip can be scrolled in the view screen. Writer and artist unknown. If you'd like to see a Flash-based reproduction of a communicator with comic strips #1, #2 and #5, created by Walter Stephens, go to Click on the communicator's buttons to control the display.

#1 1979
Star Trek Stars
The crew of the Enterprise is introduced and their mission identified.

#2 1979
A Pill Swallows the Enterprise
A capsule-shaped force field protects the Enterprise from a meteor.

#3 1979
Time and Time and Time Again
A transporter malfunction sends a crew member on a trip through time.

#4 1979
Votec's Freedom
The Enterprise releases Votec, taken prisoner so his people could escape from a war.

#5 1979
Starlight, Starfright
McCoy is abducted, so Kirk turns out the lights to get him back.

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