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Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics IDW reprints

It's great to see these comic strips from the Library of American Comics in print. For a basic summary of the strips, take a look at Star Trek Los Angeles Times Syndicate newspaper comic strip. For a deep dive into the arcane architecture of Sunday newspaper comics and the Star Trek strip, take a look at The Case of the Missing Sunday Panels.

Dec 2012
Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume 1
Edited by Dean Mullaney. Color restoration by Lorraine Turner. This collection gathers together the first ten full story arcs from the comic strip's debut on December 2, 1979 through October 25, 1981, picking up after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Writer-illustrator Thomas Warkentin handled the initial arcs, and Sharman DiVono (writer) and Ron Harris (artist) eventually took over from Warkentin. Also includes a history These Were the Voyages... and a guide to the strips Strange New Worlds by Rich Handley. The strips featured on the McDonald's Happy Meal Video Communicators and boxes are an added bonus.

8.5in x 11in hardcover, ISBN 9781613774946

Writer: Thomas Warkentin, Sharman DiVono
Artist: Thomas Warkentin, Ron Harris
Cover artist: Thomas Warkentin

Sep 2013
Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume 2
Edited by Dean Mullaney. Color restoration by Lorraine Turner. Collecting the second half of the daily and Sunday newspaper strip. Ten complete missions from October 26, 1981 through December 3, 1983. Also contains n introduction To Borg of Not to Borg... by J.C. Vaughn, a guide to the strips in this volume Strange New Worlds and Stripping Down Star Trek: A Lexicon from A to Z, both by Rich Handley.

8.5in x 11in hardcover, ISBN 9781613777763

Writers: Sharman DiVono, Martin Pasko, Larry Niven, Gerry Conway, Padraic Shigetani
Writer: Ron Harris, Padraic Shigetani, Bob Myers, Dick Kulpa, Ernie Colon, Alfredo Alcala
Cover artist: Thomas Warkentin

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