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Star Trek Los Angeles Times Syndicate newspaper comic strip

Detailed information on Star Trek comic strips was researched by Rich Handley. Most of this information was published in Star Trek Communicator #121 and is duplicated here with his generous permission. The Library of American Comics, a division of IDW Publishing, has reprinted the strips in two volumes, see Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics. For a deep dive into the esoterica of Sunday newspaper comics and the Star Trek strip, see The Case of the Missing Sunday Panels.

Star Trek, a newspaper comic strip syndicated by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, was published from December 2, 1979 until December 3, 1983. Six daily b&w strips were provided each week. The four-color Sunday strip was made available in half-page standard format, which could also be published in third-page standard, quarter-page standard, full-page-tabloid and half-page tab format. The Sunday strip recapped the daily story line. The total number of newspapers that carried the syndicated strip is unknown, but see below for a work in progress list of the newspapers.

Writer/artist Thomas Warkentin was aided by Ron Harris, Mark Rice, Dan Spiegle, Duke Riley, Kurt Warkentin, and someone named Yang. Ron Harris was aided by Thomas Warkentin, Paul Chadwick, Terry Robinson, Alan Munro, and Laurie Newell. Warkentin ghost-illustrated the final week of Harris' run. Ernie Colón was aided by Alfredo Alcala and Serc Soc. The latter may have been a pen-name. Brief summaries of the twenty story arcs follow. Rosemarie Warkentin provided titles for her husband's untitled strips. The remaining untitled strips were given titles for the recently published reprints.

#1: 12/2/79-1/12/80
Called Home
Aliens asleep for 900 years awaken to learn that their world has been devastated by war. Stardate 7493.5
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#2: 1/13/80-3/8/80
Dilithium Dilemma
Klingon raiders attack the Enterprise at Forma VI over a depleted dilithium mine. Stardate 7495.3
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#3: 3/9/80-5/3/80
The Real McCoy
Dr. Anton Zauber alters his appearance to replace McCoy, with help from McCoys ex-wife. Stardate 7535.1
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#4: 5/4/80-6/28/80
Double Bluff
Kirk grants asylum to Morg and Chetar, renegade Klingon siblings facing political persecution. Stardate 7541.1
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#5: 6/29/80-9/6/80
Aberration on Abaris
Paul and Elsa Hoff find Sumerian writings and a 5,000-year-old carving of the Enterprise on Abaris.
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#6: 9/7/80-1/17/81
Husian Gambit
Rebels on Hus-24 enslave Enterprise and Venture personnel to protest Federation exploitation. Stardate 7559.0
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Writer: Tom Durkin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#7: 1/18/81-3/21/81
Heads of State
Sent to buy Lozite-M on Zeta-Atez, Kirk learns that Imperator Dykranus has a secret -- a second head! Stardate 7988.3
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Writer: Peter Jacoby
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#8: 3/22/81-4/25/81
It's a Living
Journalist Jo Williams is aboard to cover a mission to Argus IV, a mining world owned by Harry Mudd.
Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#9: 4/26/81-7/21/81
The Savage Within
Kirk saves a derelict ship at Epsilon Anubis from deadly radiation, ending a 300-year clan war. Stardate 7692.7
Writer: Sharman DiVono
Artist: Ron Harris

#10: 7/22/81-10/27/81
Chapel contracts a plague and becomes dangerously paranoid while helping the planet Sarsithia. Stardate 7708.3
Writer: Sharman DiVono
Artist: Ron Harris

#11: 10/28/81-2/28/82
Restructuring Is Futile
On Iskonia, Kirk finds a Klingon crew cyborged by the Omnimind, a deadly machine intelligence. Stardate 7719.2
Writer: Sharman DiVono
Artist: Ron Harris

#12: 3/1/82-7/17/82
The Wristwatch Plantation
Investigating the fate of a Bebebebeque colony on Mimit, the Enterprise faces Kzinti invaders (The Slaver Weapon). More information about writer Larry Niven and this strip is available at the Complete Starfleet Library. Stardate 7731.1
Writer: Sharman DiVono
Writer: Larry Niven
Artist: Ron Harris

#13: 7/18/82-9/4/82
The Nogura Regatta
Kyoshi Nogura plans a starship regatta to honor his father's birthday, but pirates abduct the ship entrants. Stardate 7760.5
Writer: Sharman DiVono
Artist: Ron Harris
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

#14: 9/5/82-10/30/82
A Merchant's Loyalty
Merchant fleets from Delta 330 stage a rivalry to lure the Enterprise into their grasp. Stardate 8123.2
Writer: Padraic Shigetani
Artist: Padraic Shigetani

#15: 11/1/82-2/12/83
Taking Shape
Taking medical supplies to the Vanowen Colony, the crew is replaced by shape-shifters from Manark V. Stardate 9546.3
Writer: Martin Pasko
Artist: Padraic Shigetani

#16: 2/14/83-5/7/83
Send in the Clones
Admiral Yaramoto sends Kirk to end a long-standing war with the Sangdor Principality. Stardate 9580.03
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Bob Myers

#17: 5/9/83-7/2/83
Goodbye to Spock
Crashing the Copernicus in the Fortenue System, Spock becomes amnesiac and takes a lover, Dyana. Stardate 9597.2
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Ernie Colón
Artist: Alfredo Alcala
Artist: Serc Soc

#18: 7/4/83-8/13/83
Terminally Yours
Contracting a plague on Circe-Six, McCoy grows paranoid and steals a shuttlecraft to die alone. Stardate 9620
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Dick Kulpa

#19: 8/15/83-10/15/83
The Retirement of Admiral Kirk
Kirk resigns when assigned to a desk job, but finds privateer work aboard the Orion not to his liking. Stardate 9640.1
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Dick Kulpa

#20: 10/17/83-12/3/83
Getting Real
The crew finds themselves on an alternate 20th century Earth where they are characters in a television show... called Star Trek.
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Dick Kulpa

#15 Aug 1978

Sample art appeared in this issue along with an article on the forthcoming Star Trek comic strip, p 14.

Writer: Thomas Warkentin
Artist: Thomas Warkentin

Playgrounds of the Mind

Short story and essay collection by Larry Niven originally published in hardcover and reprinted in paperback. Contains an essay, The Lost Ideas, in which Niven discusses working on The Wristwatch Plantation with Sharman DiVono and Ron Harris. He also describes the final climax he had in mind for the strip (click on the Preview button).

Writer: Larry Niven
Cover Artist: David Archer

#121 Feb/Mar 1999
Star Trek Communicator

The audition strip which helped artist Dick Kulpa land work on the Star Trek strip circa 1983 is published in this issue as part of Rich Handley's article on Star Trek comic strips, pp 6, 68-72, 80.

Writer: Dick Kulpa
Artist: Dick Kulpa

#122 Aug/Sep 2005
Star Trek Magazine

Contains Rich Handley's article on Star Trek comic strips and artwork, pp 66-71.

Comics International Star Trek Special

Contains Rich Handley's article on Star Trek comic strips and artwork, pp 20-23.

Star Trek: A Comics History

Alan Porter's history of Star Trek comics includes a chapter on Star Trek comic strips with artwork, Chapter 4, pp 56-67.

New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics

Edited by Joseph F. Berenato, includes a chapter on Star Trek comic strips by Rich Handley, Faith of the Art: Stripping Down the Star Trek Daily Newspaper Serials, pp 87-102.


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