Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Celebrity Series Malibu Comics one-shots

Malibu's Celebrity Series features characters from all eras of Star Trek and stories written by Star Trek actors.

#1 May 1995
Blood and honor
Dax, Bashir, and a young ensign return from the Gamma Quadrant with a mysterious artifact generating phenomenal ammounts of energy. Upon arrival they learn that a Starfleet officer has died in a questionable accident and Jannak, a Romulan diplomat, has arrived on DS9 as ambassador to Bajor. More accidents and deaths occur, causing suspicion to shift from the Romulans to Bajoran fundamentalists. The truth about the artifact prompts Jannak to invite the young ensign, whose name is Kirk, to join him in fulfilling the vision shared by his father and one Captain Kirk years before (Balance of Terror [TOS]).

Also contains "Mark Lenard Biography: A man of many hats" by Robert and Catherine Felix and an editorial by Mark Paniccia. Cover features a b&w photo of Lenard and his signature. Also available in a signed, limited edition.

Writer: Mark Lenard
Artists: Leonard Kirk, Ken Penders, Terry Pallot, Larry Welch, Scott Reed
Cover artists: Penders, Kirk, Pallot, Renee Pulve

#1 Aug 1995
The rules of diplomacy
At Sisko's request, Starfleet Academy hopeful Nog escorts a young Klingon officer on his first diplomatic mission to the Ferengi homeworld. While visiting a casino, Nog and his guest learn about their respective cultures and form a friendship.

Also contains an editorial by Phil Crain and "Aron Eisenberg: Nog--No Ordinary Guy" by Chris Kipiniak. Cover features a photo of Nog and a b&w photo of Aron Eisenberg in the upper right corner. Also available in a signed, limited edition.

Writers: Aron Eisenberg, Mark Paniccia
Artists: Leonard Kirk, Bob Almond, John Montgomery, Scott Reed
Cover artist: Moose Baumann

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