Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Special Malibu Comics one-shots

#1 Dec 1994
A Federation colony on Gakora, in the Gamma Quadrant, is destroyed by alien vessels. The A'vwi, still under command of Kol ("Hearts and Minds" [DS9 mini-series]), is on patrol in the Gamma Quadrant when a distress call is intercepted. Arriving at Gakora, Kol, Koleth, and Katha, an Imperial Adjunct assigned to the ship by Gowron, find a single survivor whom they take to DS9 for medical attention. Sisko insists on returning to Gakora with Kol. Koleth takes time to have a drink with Bashir, whom he owes a life debt. In the Gamma Quadrant, the A'vwi is attacked by an alien fleet, but their leader allows the Klingon vessel to travel to their homeworld. On Myvock, Malek, leader of the alien world, welcomes the Klingons, but condemns Sisko and Dax to death. He believes humans have defiled Gakora, a planet held sacred by his people. Back at DS9, the lone survivor recovers enough to tell Bashir that it was Lursa and B'Etor (Redemption, Part I [TNG]) who led the alien attack on Gakora. Bashir and O'Brien travel to Gakora looking for evidence only to be captured by the Klingon sisters and turned over to Malek. Kol and Katha transport the Starfleet officers from their gallows and kidnap Malek, taking him to Gakora to show him the truth. Malek's chief military commander betrays his leader and attacks the landing party. Koleth gives his life to protect Bashir, but Lursa and B'Etor escape. Malek ends his war on humans and Bashir mourns his friend. Morn escorts Katha to dinner.

Also contains an interview with Michael Westmore, Paramount makeup supervisor and designer, by Mark Paniccia. A newsstand edition printed on cheaper paper, with the same cover price as the direct market edition was published.

Writer: Mark A. Altman
Penciller: Rob Davis
Inker: Terry Pallot
Cover artists: Davis, Pallot

#1 Dec 1994

Limited edition (2500 copies) with a silver foil logo.

Jan 1995
Special Hero Edition

Contains previews of "The Maquis: Soldier of Peace" and "Terok Nor", DS9 creator profiles, an interview with Mark Altman, and a Mirror, Mirror sketchbook. Painted wraparound cover. There is no story in this comic. Polybagged with Hero Illustrated #20, Feb 1995.

Cover artist: Trevor Goring

#0 Jan 1995
Terok Nor
Bashir and Dax tour a Bajoran museum and learn the story of Charna Sar, Bajor's greatest architect. A condemned prisoner, Charna is freed by Kotan Darek, the Cardassian assigned to construct a space station in orbit of Bajor. Forced to work for the Cardassians, Charna helps design the station that will be known as Terok Nor to her generation, and Deep Space Nine to the next Bajoran generation.

Painted cover and interior artwork. Includes an illustration of the Defiant, and an essay on the Dominion. A newsstand edition printed on cheaper paper, with the same cover price as the direct market edition was published.

Writer: Mark A. Altman
Artist: Trevor Goring
Cover artist: Goring

#1 Aug 1995
Collision course
An asteroid threatens the station. The cargo carried by Quark's new partner proves to be an explosive solution to the situation.

Painted cover.

Writer: Phil Crain
Penciller: Rod Whigham
Inker: Scott Reed
Cover artist: Scott Sava

Frozen boyhood
The contents of a derelict Earth ship provides Jake with a different take on baseball.

Writer: Bruce Costa
Penciller: Keith Conroy
Inker: Aubrey Bradford

Bashir's concern for a young patient conflicts with Odo's strict interpretation of the law.

Writer: Terry Pallot
Artists: Pallot, Rob Davis, Jack Snider

Nog's convictions and desire to join Starfleet are put to the test.

Writer: Christopher Pelton
Artists: Moose Baumann, Anne Timmons, Scott Reed

Dangerous times
Terrorist attacks on the station and an attempt to kidnap Odo bring to light a new threat to the Federation, fanatics bent on preventing the Founders from taking a foothold, at any cost.

Writer: Joe Fielder
Penciller: Rob Davis
Inker: Bruce McCorkindale

#0 Dec 1995
Worf: Bonds of honor
Worf is accused of sabotaging Starbase 113. Admiral Nechayev instructs Sisko to arrest Worf the moment he returns to the station. Worf decides to follow a ship which was the last to leave before his own departure. The Xanosian vessel leads Worf to a Klingon ship, whose commander has engineered Worf's predicament. With help from a friend, Worf is able to turn the tables.

Photo cover. Also contains a gallery of Worf pinups by various artists and a biography with photos, covering the period from his birth to his acceptance of a position as Strategic Operations Officer for DS9.

Writer: Dan Mishkin
Artists: Steve Erwin, John Montgomery, Scott Reed
Cover artist: Moose Baumann

Unhappy trails
Dax and Kira accompany Sheriff Worf who is trailing stagecoach thieves in the New Mexico desert. They succeed in spoiling Worf's holosuite adventure.

Writer: Moose Baumann
Penciller: Rob Davis
Inker: Aubrey Bradford

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